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Divorce - General

Divorce happens. It is unfortunate. It is hard, but it happens.
And, when it happens to you, you’ll want it handled well. Why?

Because a divorce involves every important aspect of your life…including:

  • How much time you spend with your children, and when.
  • Who makes decisions for your kids.
  • What happens to your home, your cars, your money, your retirement accounts, your things.
  • How late in life you’ll need to work.
  • Your standard of living.
  • How you prepare your taxes.
  • What happens to your closely held business.

Your divorce may involve tax issues, insurance issues, financial planning, mental health concerns, child support collection, and more.  Accordingly, you may encounter accountants, appraisers, realtors, mental health professionals, and governmental agencies.  We are familiar with the issues that may be foreign to you, and have relationships with the types of professionals and agencies you will encounter.

Whether your focus is on children, on financial matters, or perhaps on personal safety, Gjesdahl Law’s attorneys possess the experience you’ll need.

We are experienced, vigorous—even fierce—advocates in the courtroom.  However, we believe that family disputes are best resolved by the families themselves, not in courtrooms by judges.  That’s why we are strong negotiators who are dedicated to exhausting every effort to find a fair settlement before bringing our clients to trial.