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Minnesota Practice Areas

Minnesota Practice Areas

We are attorneys for families and our clients matter to us. We strive to provide the highest and best level of compassionate legal service to family members in times of crisis, need, or transition.

We help families in Minnesota through hard times, like when they are divorcing, separating, fighting over time with kids, or dividing assets and debts. Those are anxious, frightening, and emotional times. They often involve difficult contributors, like cheating, secrecy, mental health problems, chemical or alcohol dependency, and domestic violence. We deal with it all, often with the help of a strong network of other helping professionals. Don’t go it alone. Don’t lean on a dabbler. Let a seasoned, experienced team of professionals help you through.

We help families deal with other kinds of transition, too. We love helping families grow, bringing children to loving parents through adoption and assisted reproduction. 

Unfortunately, death and disability visit all families, and we can help with estate-planning, probate, financial durable powers, and Health Care Directives, too.

We are skilled negotiators, dedicated to finding peaceful resolution. Unfortunately though, not all cases end by agreement. That’s why we are also tough and capable trial attorneys.

During your time in need, you can trust Gjesdahl Law to provide the highest level of competent and compassionate legal service. We’ll help find positive solutions for you and your family.

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