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Daniel the Spaniel Photo

Daniel the Spaniel

Dan joined Gjesdahl Law, P.C. in 2013.

Dan lives in Fargo with the Gjesdahl family and his pet, Daisy, a Lhasa Apso, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix.  He is an excellent pheasant dog and enjoys car rides.  Dan spends his free time in the back yard, bird-watching, chasing (but never catching) rabbits, and snoozing in the grass.

Daniel's Expertise

Practice Areas

  • Greeting
  • Sharing affection
  • Checking purses for gum
  • Frolicking
  • Napping
Daniel's Credentials

Education & Licensure


  • Puppy Obedience School (passed in only two tries)

Licenses and Admissions:

  • City of Fargo Dog License (current)

Additional Legal Education:

  • On-the-job training
Daniel's Achievements


  • Dog-of-the-Day winner (daily)
Daniel's Blog Posts

Blog Posts


Hey there, Daniel here—yes it’s me—Daniel the Spaniel. For years, I’ve waited in the proverbial dog house for a topic to write about, and now it’s finally happened. Just in case you’re doubting my cre…

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