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Essential Players on Your Divorce Team

Do you ever wonder who is working on your case and what they are doing?

It’s common to wonder what happens behind the scenes. Let me introduce you to the key players: our receptionist, your attorney, and your attorney’s paralegal. Each person plays an important but different role in your case.

At the very front end of your case, you are going to meet our receptionist. She will get most of the initial information from you, bring those details to an attorney, and likely schedule an appointment for you to come in and meet with them.

At that initial meeting, you’ll meet with the attorney who will work on your case. That first meeting can be overwhelming, but we hope you leave feeling a little calmer, more educated on the process, and knowing what you can expect from us.

Your attorney will guide you through every step of the process. They will talk to you about your options and help you weigh the benefits and risks of every choice made. But most importantly, your attorney will do their best to represent your wants and needs to the other side and ultimately to the judge, if needed.

Your attorney doesn’t work alone; they have a trusty partner—like Batman and Robin! Us lawyers need help, too. This is where your paralegal comes in. Your paralegal does a lot of legwork for your case. While you may see your attorney’s work more often, your paralegal is heavily involved behind the scenes.

A paralegal’s role isn’t limited to a few tasks. However, several routine tasks impact your case significantly. This includes going through all the documents you provided, sifting through bank statements, and organizing it all so it tells your story.

Our paralegals also spend the most time reviewing your assets and debts. They create an asset and debt list and distribution. They work with you to figure out the best values for every asset and schedule any needed appraisals.

They help guide you through the court deadlines and schedule. They are the first and last eyes on every document. They also bring their own experiences and expertise to your case. At Gjesdahl Law, our paralegals are all unique in their backgrounds. They range from financial experts to masters in psychology. Their input is needed and valued.

Every case is unique and requires different attention and needs. With our collaborative team approach to working each case, we make sure those needs are met.

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” – Phil Jackson.

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