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Big Sister Pregnant with Little Sister’s Twins

Gestational carriers are becoming increasingly common.  20% of all straight couples have difficulty conceiving.  And, of course, 100% of all gay couples need help.

“Assisted Reproductive Technology” (ART) is here and, along with adoption, helps families along.

But there are legal issues—many of them—to deal with, too.

Who goes on the birth certificate as parents? When baby is born, who names the child? Who does the hospital look to for decisions about baby’s medical care? Who does the hospital bill for baby’s care? Who is the baby discharged with?  Is there risk that the carrier and/or her husband will be legally responsible for the child?  That the intended parents won’t have rights to the child?  Where the carrier isn’t a friend or family member, what about financial compensation and expenses?  Is there insurance for this?

Few attorneys, even those who focus on family issues, are competent to handle ART cases.

At Gjesdahl Law, however, we routinely handle such matters.  Our clients are gay and straight; they are gestational carriers and intended parents; they are local and distant. 

And every last one of them is committed to the mission of bringing a child into this world and making “family” happen.

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