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“Alternative Facts”?

There is always cause for concern.  As Mark Twain said, “a lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”

Our country is now having an interesting and essential conversation. It has everything to do with who and what we are as Americans.  What is truth?

Truth matters.  It matters, for example, to scientists: Does the sun revolve around the earth, or the earth ‘round the sun? Do vaccines cause autism? Does man influence climate?

It matters to lovers, to parents, to teachers, to philosophers, to preachers, to accountants, to us all.

And, of course, it matters to lawyers.  After all, can there be justice if there is not, first, truth?

We think not.

There are those who malign lawyers for their skill at greasing up facts, making them slippery, easier to slide into this moment’s narrative.  We are not that kind of lawyer.

No.  We believe the truth is ruined when it is stretched, that half-truths are full lies, that the lie lives for a day while truth endures.

Truth deserves reverence.  It must be handled with care.  It is a precious jewel.

Gjesdahl Law stands for many things.  But, when you stand for a principle, you must stand against its enemies.

Accordingly, we stand against the use, acceptance, and tolerance, of “alternative facts.”


Michael L. Gjesdahl

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