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Protection Orders

Unfortunately, domestic violence or harassment is a reality for many families.  If you or your children need protection, there are different ways a court will help.

Our office handles civil Domestic Violence Protection Orders (DVPO), Orders for Protection (OFP), Harassment Restraining Orders (HRO), and Disorderly Conduct Restraining Orders (DCRO) in North Dakota and Minnesota.  The type of order you need will depend on the facts of your case.  Even if there are criminal charges involving your case, you may still need to seek help to ensure your family is protected.  We can help you though the process.

A victim of domestic violence, harassment, or disorderly conduct files a petition and/or affidavit that details the conduct to establish the need for a temporary restraining order.  A temporary order will restrain the perpetrator from contacting or interacting with the victim, including contact through third parties.  Depending on the type of order, a court may award temporary residential responsibility (custody), supervised parenting time, use of a home, child and/or spousal support, and attorney fees.  A court hearing may be necessary.

We will help you prepare the petitions and affidavits necessary to receive a protective order.  We will appear at hearings and help you through the unfamiliar, but necessary, process.

Likewise, if you are wrongfully accused of abuse or harassment, our office will help you tell the court your side of the story.