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Elder Law

Elder Law is a specialized area of legal practice focusing on the needs of senior citizens and the issues that affect the aging population.  While estate planning is primarily focused on implementing your wishes and distributing your assets in the most efficient and tax advantaged way after you pass on, Elder Law planning seeks to preserve your income and assets for your use while you are still alive

As such, the first question to ask yourself if you are considering a consult with an elder law attorney is not “what happens if I die”, rather, it should be “what happens if I live?”  By that, we mean, what happens if I am alive but am not in good health, have increased health care costs, and need to rely on others for assistance, either temporarily or on a permanent basis.

The attorneys at Gjesdahl Law handle a wide range of legal matters affecting older or disabled persons, including issues related to health care, long term care planning, guardianship/conservatorship, retirement planning, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid Planning, and other important matters.